The "Committed" Mom?

I am blessed to be the mom of three wonderfully amazing children I call Brent, Lottie and Kenzie. But honestly, there are days when I am committed and days when I need to be committed! So here's where this little blog comes refuge- my opportunity to share with all who care, the joys of being a "Committed" Mom!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Becoming Real

I wanted to take a quick minute to inform those who read why I blog. I don't blog because I want the attention (although I do like it) or because I want sympathy (but I do appreciate the compassion from others), I don't blog because I try to create drama (although sometimes it feels I am surrounded by it), I don't blog to nag and complain (well, I try not and I most definitely am not out to hurt someone's feelings.
My reason for blogging is to share my experiences, good, bad, pretty or ugly, I want people to see the real me. God has been teaching me that we live in a society where people (including me at times) wear pretty masks and hide behind fake smiles and use statements like "things are fine", when in fact their worlds are crumbling all around them. But unless you speak up, no one notices your struggle and pain, because they too are living their lives maybe they are happy and content or maybe, just maybe they are struggling and suffering too. So we isolate parts of our souls and keep them hidden in darkness, when we should be crying out to others, bringing pain into light and asking for help, prayer and strength!
God wants us to be real with one another, He wants us to encourage one another and share the journey...He wants you to know that you are not in this alone- I am not alone. I blog to share not only the joys and trials of motherhood, but the struggles of being a Godly woman, a teacher, a wife, a minister of the gospel, a social worker, a taxi driver, etc. The list is extensive- right ladies? How many hats do you wear? How many mask do you own?
The bible says to laugh when others laugh and cry when they cry. I do not believe for one second that my life is the only busy and chaotic life out there, and it's very easy to get wrapped up in ME and MY LIFE. But I know in my heart, that it is not about me. God has a bigger purpose and a plan for my life- these bumps in the road, these joys, these heart aches, all of it...they are just single strings in the tapestry design God is weaving, the tapestry that is my life.
I pray that when I arrive in heaven God will show me what He did with all those strings, because honestly like the back of the tapestry now- it looks like a big mess...
I don't blog because I am self-absorbed (although I own it at times), I blog because I want others to know that there is an amazing and loving God who desires the hearts of His created ones. He loves you no matter what you are doing, what you are feeling or not feeling. He doesn't expect you to be perfect (although we expect it of ourselves at times), He just ask for you, for your heart, for you to believe and receive that Jesus died for you. He loved you so much that Jesus died so that you might live! God not only gave his life up for you, but He took the time and love to fashion and form you in your mother's womb. God knows the plans He has for you and your life (and mine), He plans to prosper us, He plans to give us hope and a future! He is why I blog...He is my legacy.